Adventures at SDCC as Lady!Winter Soldier.

I had so much fun at the convention. I’ve been going to Phoenix Comicon for several years now, but never to the big one in San Diego. Was properly exhausted by the end of it, but for all the cool stuff I got to see and all the awesome people I got to talk to, all worth it. Seriously, I was so happy when people said they like my costume or wanted to take pictures, and as you can tell from above I got really excited when I saw other Bucky cosplayers as well. Even ran into the Cosplay Dad at the Marvel booth the first day, when I went to pick up my Agent Carter Ticket. (Btw, Agent Carter was amazing and met the most awesome people in line. Any excuse to completely geek out about comics ^_~) Saturday waited all morning in line for and then all day inside Hall H, but it was all worth it for the Marvel Panel alone (though the others were quite awesome). Omg, I moved from my seat in the back of the room to stand in the Q&A line (even though in the end they never did ask audience questions), and was jumping up and down screaming during all the trailers and announcements. (shush, I got excited. It was a very charged atmosphere.) A+ would go again.

Feel free to message if you’re in any of these pictures